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Getting Engaged: The New Workplace Loyalty
Unlock the managerial secrets that will keep employees engaged and productive for years to come.

$32.95 (includes shipping and handling)

Getting Engaged: for associations

How it works

Looking to add one more invaluable member benefit to your association? It’s easy with GETTING ENGAGED:

GETTING ENGAGED is a perfect addition to your list of member benefits. What better could you offer than an authoritative guide on building career success in your sector?

Easy customization to your unique sector:

It’s simple. We take our years of trend analysis and workplace research, and work closely with you to customize it to the challenges of your specific sector. From there, we develop a useful and authoritative career handbook--bearing your name– just for your membership.

It’s a handbook that we would design, print and write, with your association’s input, approval and your group’s name as co-author. Rest assured – there would be very little time and resources commitment required from you to make it happen. After a few concise research conversations, we do all the work.

What you’ll receive:

  • Soft-bound copies of “Getting Engaged” written specifically to your sector and bearing your association name (e.g. Getting Engaged for Accountants by the Accounting Association and Tim Rutledge)
  • A great new member benefit that you can promote.
  • A new source of revenue if you choose to charge a nominal member cost per copy.
  • the kudos of your membership for bringing them the career support tool they’ve been waiting for!

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